Current Project : Woocommerce integration into Thesis theme

updated April 8, 2013by March 23, 2013
woocommerce thesis integrator plugin

Hi guys, guess what I am working on now? Right. Woocommerce integration into Thesis 2 framework. And guess what? It’s almost ready, all working, I’m just finishing the last tweaks IT IS READY. See some screenshots below : UPDATE : added some screen shot of the front end result. Also the plugin was updated yesterday [...]

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Integrate JetPack Comments into Thesis 2.x

updated January 25, 2013by January 25, 2013
jetpack comments thesis 2

Hi guys, I was working for a client of mine who asked me if it is possible to integrate JetPack Comments module into Thesis 2.x … Guess what I answered? Sure, man, no problem. It will take me not more than a couple of hours. The rate is the same : 25 EUR (35 USD) [...]

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Yoast’s WP SEO vs Thesis Framework. Breadcrumbs Win!

updated October 9, 2013by January 13, 2013
yoast breadcrumbs front

Hi guys, Today I’m proud to announce you that I have updated one of my premium boxes for Thesis Framework. WP SEO Integrator box see previous details here : WordPress SEO by Yoast – Integrator box for Thesis version 0.3 So what’s new in this version? After a small talk on DIYthemes forums between the [...]

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New Box to come for Thesis 2.0.2 – Extended WP Featured Image Pro Edition

updated May 12, 2013by December 9, 2012
Extended WordPress Featured Image box - Pro edition

Hi guys, Finally, I’m ready to announce that in a couple of days there will be another box available for Thesis 2.0.2 – Extended WordPress Featured Image Pro. After working almost one whole month over the box features and functionality, I’m proud to say – this is something many of you would really love to [...]

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WordPress SEO by Yoast – Integrator box for Thesis 2.x

updated October 9, 2013by November 9, 2012
wordpress seo by yoast integrator box for thesis 2.x

Hi Guys, how are you today? Still struggling with WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast integration into Thesis 2.x ? Kidding. If you know this plugin, you should admit that its features are great, I mean really great. You have like everything you need within one plugin nicely coded. I know at a time DIYthemes had [...]

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Thesis 2.0 and some personal thoughts of this new framework

updated October 6, 2012by October 6, 2012
thesis 2.0

Hi guys, I’ve been using thesis for more than 3 years now, I have my business running on this framework. As you have noticed , there was an update . Now thesis is officially 2.0. I was quite surprised of the new system, I’m not talking it for the bad nor I’m talking for the [...]

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WordPress Featured Image and Thesis 2.0 sucks !

updated March 26, 2013by October 6, 2012
wordpress featured image box thesis 2 0

UPDATE : Professional version is available here : Extended WordPress Featured Image box Hi to everyone! Yes, after the download of Thesis 2.0 and playing around with it for a while, I declare – the default box for adding WordPress Featured Image (post thumbnail) to the new template system sucks! First of all, I do [...]

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WordPress Featured Image for Thesis update v 2.2.2

updated February 15, 2013by July 16, 2012
WordPress Featured Image For Thesis plugin

As you have noticed, since the last version of the “WordPress Featured Image for Thesis” plugin (v2.2.1), there were major updates of WordPress up to version 3.4.1 and Thesis Framework up to version 1.8.5… Great news, and also, some great features were added to both. As far the the plugin was concerned, finally, WordPress team [...]

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