WordPress Featured Image for Thesis Theme

New WordPress Featured Image interface in thesis

New WordPress Featured Image interface in <a href="http://creersitepro.com/voir/thesis" title="Thesis theme">thesis</a>

… have you seen those videos ? … both of them?

(yes, I was cut on the second one by my casting software ;) . It was “… you get all those features and a premium customer support I usually provide.” ) Well,

The features

  • Auto populates thesis post image fields.
  • No more need to copy-paste image URLs – simply upload an image directly from your computer or select it in your media library.
  • No more need to guess the URL of a specific size for the featured image – simply select the size you need for the image from the handy dropdown.
  • Does supports you custom image sizes (if registered with add_image_size() wordpress function) – even better than wordpress add image button.
  • Has a special checkbox to disable featured image display on singular post at post by post level (if you need to paste a video instead of featured image as I did on this page).
  • Enables text captions (a text description under the image) for the featured image in Thesis theme.
  • Enables working html links in image cations (for all captions in your site, exclusive feature not available in WordPress).
  • Has a text input to add additional css classes to featured image.
  • Adds 2 additional sizes (hard cropped) to wordpress Medium Cropped and Large Cropped.
  • Adds the tiny thumb of the featured image in the admin lists of posts and pages. This thumbnail links directly to the Edit Image screen.
  • Saves about 1 minute and a half of publishing work per post.
  • Skips you a ton of headache.


Admin view of posts with featured image thumbnail

Admin view of posts with featured image thumbnail

Working html links in caption text in WordPress

Working html links in caption text in <a href="http://wordpress.org/" title="WordPress" rel="external" class="caption link">WordPress</a>

Additional hard cropped sizes to use in the slideshow

Additional hard cropped sizes to use in the slideshow


Current plugin version 2.2.2 (see latest plugin update log)

  • WordPress 3.4.1
  • Thesis 1.8.5

NOTE : this plugin needs Thesis Theme installed and activated on your WordPress site!

NOTE : for better user experience (quick removal of thesis post image fields values by simple click on remove featured image link in wordpress interface) this plugin will delete your thesis post image if no wordpress featured image is set for your post when you update existing posts. So if you need to preserve thesis post image while update your posts – make sure you have set it as featured image in wordpress interface!!! Otherwise the plugin will delete thesis POST IMAGE settings.


This code works. Or if by any chance it does not work for you (and you have followed the above notices and fulfilled the above compatibility conditions) I will make it work for you at no extra charge.

What Clients Say

Thank you so much for this awesome plug in! It is exactly what I was looking for and needed. I just recently purchased Thesis and with all the bells and whistles Thesis seems to have, it’s a shame that the featured image and thumbnail issues are as complicated as they are.

Your plug in saved me! :)
Samantha Alday
(via mail on 2012/01/25)

Since using these 2 plugins from Serge [WordPress Featured Image for Thesis and Thumbnail Catcher Pro], I do not need to think about image/thumbnail.
(a message on DIYthemes forum)

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